Enhance your online performance on Amazon with ace guidance.


In this ever-evolving eccomerce land where innovation meets precision, it is tough to craft your niche. Only a seasoned expert with a plenitude of accurate knowledge and a steadfast attitude can show you through the lanes and by lanes of this dense digital jungle. Anyone can navigate through it, but doing so correctly is only possible when you turn to the eStore Factory. With a strong team of 62 Amazon Seller Consultants at the top of their game, 80000 listings generated, 10000 logged-in hours and boasting a whopping 140 million plus revenue, they truly define the meaning of what an expert should be like. When you partner with us, you not only create a team of Amazon ninjas armed with the required skills and tools but also a rich network to file for your business as a whole. They are the ones who can decode complex algorithms, leverage sophisticated strategies, and ace PPC monopoly. Hold on to your seat cause you are sure to take the flight towards success on Amazon. It’s not surprising that experts are called the catalysts who bring transformations – One agency’s many benefits. Remember, “The single most important thing is to make people happy. If you are making people happy, as a side effect, they will be happy to open up their wallets and pay you.” – Derek Sivers.

Amazon ads optimization is climactic to massive visibility in this platform. It is based on live auctions where sellers bid on keywords which trigger search terms used by customers to display ads within the search result page and other product pages. Within this dynamic space, managing such a tricky task is time-consuming and nerve-wracking. Let Amazon ads specialist do it for you. 

Let us see how we do it at eStore Factory – 

  • Strategic keyword planning – Keywords are the energy that boosts your country. We fine-tune each keyword within as a dedicated file segregating it into match-types, long tail terms and others. Not forgetting the value of negative keywords, we tactfully place them within the campaigns to reduce irrelevant spending and improve ACos. 
  • Polishing old campaigns – For people we don’t get rid of amongst those that do not yield results, studying the performance history makes accurate decisions on whether to pause or refine it for better results. 
  • New campaigns made – PPC experts make campaigns from scratch that drive high ROAS and low ACos. Witness your sales plummet with the campaigns that we create.  From sponsored Products, Brands on Display, enjoy the benefits of targeted strategies.
  • Visually appealing ad copies – Going beyond the rudimentary perception that ad is all about just bids and budgeting, it’s a symphony of campaigns to captivate the minds of customers from all across the globe.
  • Negative addition – Negative keyword addition is crucial to better results. Some targets are invaluable and do not match your product and need to be added to stop irregular spending which can lead to high cost, CPC and reduced sales. We fetch such terms and add them, timely to the campaigns for the best results.