Guide to hiring a well-qualified architect in Montreal


Commercial projects may take ages to complete unless you have a professional team by your side. A good commercial design speaks volumes of the work by the business owner. Well-planned commercial projects by a good architect also help in building the image and credibility of the business owner. Thus, you must define the scope of your business with support of a well-qualified architect.

In this article, we will discuss few simpler ways to find a good commercial project designing company in Montreal. Check if you can follow these and find someone able near your construction site. Stendel + Reich retail architects and a few more brands have set a good example for commercial projects in Montreal.

Guide to hiring a good architect in Montreal:

  1. Scope of project:

Before you begin your search of an architect, understand the scope of your commercial project. You must have complete details of how you expect and desire the project to be. Keep a rough idea about your commercial business.

  1. Make a budget:

Consider a budget before you approach an architect. It is extremely important that you maintain a budget to control the expenses that will be borne in the entire project. Other than designing, exteriors, and construction, there are a lot of expenses that need to be considered as well. Thus, discuss the budget with them beforehand.

  1. Experience:

Check the experience of the architect. Experience is the key for successful projects. An experienced professional is highly unlikely to make errors or delays in the project. Their experience carries the right skills and knowledge of different commercial ventures. Ask for the experience of the architect or the designing company before finalizing them.

  1. Seek referrals:

Another safer way to hire a good architect is by seeking referrals. Ask recommendations by people you trust. Don’t take risks by hiring anyone randomly or by following the enticing ads of architects. You must know who you are hiring. Thus, referrals and recommendations work better.

  1. Research online:

A well-qualified architect has a professional business card in the form of a website. You can research more about them on their professional website. For instance, Stendel + Reich retail architects have a detailed website that shares everything about their works, services, staff, and experience in various commercial projects.

Book an appointment with a few architects and discuss your requirements with them.