Importance of workplace safety


Workplace safety measures are necessary for the well-being of both the employer and the employee. Whether we are working in an office under a roof or on an open construction grounds, Safety and Security are crucial and priority of any organization even if employees are working at the top of a building or in the depths of seas, it doesn’t change the idea of the importance of safety. Whether someone is flying in space or if they are exploring the edges of the seas, it is difficult and hard for workers to give their best if their security is not ensured. Any negligence of health safety can cost any physical injury or even a life loss. Millions of people lose their lives every year at the workplace as a result of which thousands of families go astray.

Working at heights

Working at heights refers to working above the ground where there is the risk of falling from a ladder or roof terrace or off your balcony which may cause injuries if proper precautions are not undertaken. The biggest problems which are encountered while working at heights are the wind patterns and how they affect the booms at higher elevations. Working at heights involves dynamic activities where workers engage in many types of activities such as falling objects, working from rooftops, exposure to heavy equipment, and use of electrical circuits. Working at heights poses potential dangers at every step, there is the evident risk of falling which can result in critical injuries or can even prove to be fatal. 

Take all safety precautions

While working at heights one needs to identify all potential hazards through safety audits, followed by risk assessment, and identification of who might be harmed i.e. workers, visitors, or the public. After risk assessment, the hazard should be removed or put under control by giving information, caution signs, use of competent people, training of staff, work organization, and use of proper PPE. 

Construction sites are one of the most prominent places where workers engage in working at heights. It is for this reason that Construction companies should teach safety practices and use a wide range of safety types of equipment.  It is so that every team and worker can keep safety tricks and tips in their mind during working. The Safety training prevents heavy losses to the workers as well as to the construction company.

Carry all your safety equipment 

Places, where work takes place at heights, should always have a safety officer on site. There should be daily meetings with all laborers and safety officers should give safety tips and advice, besides there should be display boards about safety kept in and around the project site. They should also wear helmets, gloves, safety shoes, safety belts, and safety nets. 

A number of accidents take place due to a lack of safety training. Every worker must be trained to use equipment like ladders, electricity tools, and cranes. Safety helmets are intended to protect your head from objects that might fall from above. The principal concern about working at a height is falling. Only a net can protect you from hurting yourself if you end up falling from a great height. 

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